December 2018

MW ALUMNI WITH MILITARY SERVICE - All MW alumni who have served or are now serving in the military please use the new Info Update page to fill in the new questions about your service. We will be starting new pages in the next few weeks on our site to highlight all of our alumni who served our country in the military.

MW ALUMNA YOU NEED TO KNOW - A story of a MW Class '85 alumna has come into our hands and I believe you need to see this short talk given by her about her life changing events in 1994. Please take a few minutes to see and listen to Laura Larsen Lane. - Laura'sTalk

DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI NOMINATIONS - Remember to get your nominations in. December 31 is the last day for the nominations for the 2018 selection.

VISITORS TO MAINE WEST - We welcome visitors to Maine West as long as you have set an appointment ahead of time! If you wish to see a teacher, counselor or administrator, please make arrangements in advance by emailing or calling to schedule an appointment. When you arrive to Maine West, we will contact that person to come and greet you at the door.  Without an appointment during school hours, you may not be allowed to enter the building.

Thank you for your cooperation!

LEGENDs FOR SALE - Last August we discovered boxes of extra LEGENDs and started selling them last September. For the past year we only allowed you to purchase your senior yearbook. We are now opening the sales to ALL FOUR YEARS. The proceeds of the sales go to the LEGEND office budget and the budget for the new Warrior Room (R-202). Visit the LEGEND SALE.

We have many alumni who've authored books. We have set up a new page under the Alumni Info/Authors, to be used to show their books and where to purchase them.

Buy your own Engraved Brick to place in the front of the school. Check out the Brick Project to see some of the samples. Go to the Alumni Info/Things to Buy to get an order form.

We are accepting Business Cards. If you would like to advertise your business send in a card and we'll get it on the site. Go to Alumni Info/Business Cards.

All reunion committees should check in with us for any assistance, a copy of the current class list, as well as info posting.


Class '61 - 75th Birthday

Class '63 - 55 Year Reunion

Class '68 - 50 Year Reunion

Class '73 - 45 Year Reunion

Class '78 - 40 Year Reunion

Class '83 - 35 Year Reunion

Class '88 - 30 Year Reunion

Class '93 - 25 Year Reunion

Class '98 - 20 Year Reunion

Class '08 - 10 Year Reunion

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