Gary Barrett '72


Gary Barrett didn't trust his so he left the thinking to the smart people. Since they spoke with such authority, who was he to question their conclusions? But then he noticed cracks in their system. Like scientists casually eliminating a planet from the solar system and movie reviewers giving 5 stars to an intelligent comedy that provided no laughter.

With affectionate ribbing of both liberals and conservatives alike, Shoot the Monkey pokes fun at our society for its easy acquiescence to the opinions of celebrities and smart people. Most important, it leaves average people with the confidence to reach their own conclusions.

Not knowing any better Gary has blended science, cultural trends, philosophy, fiction, humor, editorial opinion, personal observation, and national news into this unusual work that clearly proves he is in way over his head! Read it anyway. You're guaranteed to find a few laughs along the way. You'll also learn:

-Who the smartest person in the world was
-New words and ways to make yourself look intelligent
-The mystery behind your own view of the world

What are you waiting for? Read the book already! Then write Gary about your own conclusions.

Hey Maine West Alumni,

Not only will Shoot the Monkey make you laugh and think, you will enjoy the references to our high school experiences, Des Plaines and Chicago.  You may also recognize some veiled references to our classmates and teachers, and if you learned to solve chemistry problems with a slide rule, your nostalgia index will go through the roof !

Gary Barrett ‘72