George Brondsema '65
Born in the '40s, Raised in the '50s, Died in the '60s
George is a 1965 graduate of Maine West High School. Three days after graduating from high school he went to boot camp in the Marine Corps. After completeing his training, he was sent to Vietnam, where he would serve as an infantryman, or "grunt." Eventually he would spend two tours there from 1965 to 1968. He was awarded fifteen medals and ribbons for his service. He is now retired and resides in Naples, Florida.

In George's words, "I have attempted to shed some light on the life of the Vietnam Veteran. . . It's about families, values, ethics, pride, and patriotism. It is also about pain, suffering, bitterness, coping, and resentment. There is a common thread sewn through us as Veterans, and I hope, and pray that other Veterans will read this, and find a sense of peace in knowing they're not alone."