Victor Giron '92
Sophomoric Philosophy
Victor David Giron is the son of immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala. He lives in Chicago. Victor enjoys art and independent music, and as a result of trying to find another creative outlet and trying to deal with all, he discovered that he loves to write fiction. Victor's literary heros include J.D. Salinger and Nikos Kazantzakis. This book is Victor's first novel.
Sophomoric Philosophy is the coming of age story of Alejandro "Alex" Lopez, a 30-something first generation Mexican-American who is struggling with his life. Alex is an accountant working for a large corporation and is torn between his desire to lead an artistic life and the reality of his mundane, ordinary existence in contemporary Chicago. Alex has been rejected by a woman he was infatuated with for years. He is comtemplating events and patterns both in his adult life and his teenage years growing up in a blue-collar suburb. Throughout the narrative Alex evaluates his attempts to make a life out of his interests in art, music and literature, which he always abandons for a more financially secure lifestyle. Despite this compromise, Alex still can't let go of his interestes and the childhood philosophy he and his friends discussed in the streets and backyard parties of suburban Chicago.

The story is told in a light-hearted, direct and accessible fasion, weaving thoughts on music, religion, Mexican culture, politics, literature, and philosophy with vivid memories of youth and a contemporary male's struggle with relationships.

Cover desinged by Karolina Faber

Artwork by Gabriel Hurier

Curbside Splender Chicago Independent Publishing

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