Kathy Shuttleworth Worth '75

~ New Book Published 2007 ~

   Back From The Ashes: 
Uncovering the Lost History
Of G. L. Hunt and the Falcon Pipe 

In Back From The Ashes: Uncovering the Lost History of G. L. Hunt and the Falcon Pipe, author K. A. Worth deftly recounts the rapid rise and continuing development of the iconic smoking instrument...


Late Chicago manufacturer G. L. Hunt first became exclusive Falcon distributor in 1948, then took over manufacture in 1956. In this work, author K. A. Worth, granddaughter of Mr. Hunt, chronicles the development of the world-famous Falcon pipe - and in tribute to her late grandfather - treats us to a fascinating profile of the great American entrepreneur.

Providing an entertaining and unprecedented look behind the scenes of the popular smoking pipe manufacturer, Back From The Ashes will undoubtedly prove the definitive history of the Falcon pipe...

(Softbound; 185 Pages, Includes 70 Illustrations - with many vintage advertisements and catalog sheets shown...)

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