Commemorative Brick Program
The Maine Township High School District 207 Educational Foundation invites you to create a lasting memory to honor or remember your family, friends, or organization. You can do so by participating in a brick beautification project in sites already designated at Maine West, Maine East and Maine South.

The beautification project will be funded by your purchase of bricks inscribed with a name, date, special comment, or you company logo. There will also be a limited number of benches and trees you can purchase which will have name plates attached.

Established in 1993, the MTHS District 207 Education Foundation raises funds to support enrichment programs and to meet specific needs that are outside the district's regular budget. Funds have been provided for program enrichment, faculty and student mini-grants, special events, internships and scholarships, special purchases, and other projects that augment our high quality education throughout the district. Our largest project to date has been a district wide student tutoring program available at no cost to all students.

The commemorative brick beautification will enhance the environment where our students learn. All funds raised beyond those needed to fund the brick project will be used solely for education enrichment projects at each of our high schools. Your gift will not only provide beauty but also the opportunity for student enrichment that will last a life time.

Each high school has selected a location where your contribution can be seen and enjoyed. Please seriously consider being part of this lasting memorial.

Each brick can accommodate 13 characters per line including spaces
• Each 4"x 8" brick can accommodate a total of 3 lines
• Each 8"x 8" brick can accommodate a total of 6 lines
• Each 8"x 8" brick with logo or graphic must include camera ready art work with the order
• Be sure to designate the high school where you want your brick.
• Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
• Payment must accompany order.

ANY QUESTIONS call Ruth Haller at 847-692-8697

The order form is a PDF file and requires you to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded for free.
The order form, once downloaded to your computer, can be filled out on your computer. The TAB key will move the curser through all the enterable fields. Once completed, print the order form and mail it to us.
The bricks at Maine West will be located at the front entrance. The trees, benches, and bricks are all for sale.