John Carle
1965 MW Graduation 1987 1994 2001
Two words run, or should we say flow, constantly through Coach Carle's life, West and Water. West. After graduating from West in 1965, Coach Carle would return to spend 33 years coaching at West. Water. Whether it is in the pool, sailing on Lake Michigan or flipping pancakes on the shores of Lake Opeka, water has been a second in Coach Carle's life.

During his 33 years as a swim coach, he served as head boys coach for 22 years, head girls coach for 22 years, assistant boys coach for 11 years, and assistant girls coach for 11 years. He has coached beginners to All-State to All-American swimmers. For his years and excellence in coaching to the sport and its athletes, Coach Carle was inducted to the John Newman Illinois Swimming Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2005, was named National Federation Swimming Coach of the Year.

For his 66 seasons and 33 years of service and for the success he has had in the water, we proudly induct Coach Carle to the Hall of Fame.

Inducted 2008