Phil Kardasz
Football & Baseball
1966 1976 1989
From 1965 to 1994 few coaches have added to color and folk lore of Maine West athletics as has Phil Kardasz. Joining the football staff in 1965 under the legendary Ken Olson, Coach Kardasz quickly became a favorite of many players over 4 decades. An intimidating prescence on the sideline, Coach Kardasz got the most of his players and helped the Warriors earn their last two conference titles in 1966 and 1979. For his years and excellence in coaching to the sport and its athletes, Coach Kardasz was inducted to the Illinois Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2004.

In the spring, Coach Kardasz was a fixture on the freshman baseball diamond. From 1966 to 1994 Coach Kardasz never missed a game. During those 28 seasons the freshman that Phil coached went on to win 9 varsity conference championships.

Through a career that spanned from Vietnam to the first Iraq war, 51 seasons coached, and on the staffs of 11 teams that won varsity conference, we are proud to induct Coach Kardasz to the Hall of Fame.

Inducted 2008