Sid Drain
1960 1975 1986
Sid received a scholarship to play football at Western Illinois University and there he also followed his passion for gymnastics. Sid began his teaching career at Maine Township in 1956 where he began the Demon gymnastics program. Sid began teaching at Maine West in 1959. He was a boys' gymnastics coach for 33 seasons and spent another 13 seasons as a girls' gymnastics coach. His teams compiled over 90 victories and Sid had the opportunity to coach several All-State gymnasts. He was inducted into the IHSA Gymnastics Coaches' Hall of Fame in 1977. In 1988 he ws named as an Outstanding Alumni of Western Illinois University and in 1993 Sid was inducted into the National Gymnastics Association Judges' Hall of Fame. He has judged countless gymnastics competitions at many levels, including the Collegiate Championships and the USA National Championships. Sid has judged competitions in Russia, Romania, Germany and in 1993, he judged the World Championships in Paris, France. He is a model coach and representative fir induction into Maine West's Coaches' Hall of Fame.

Inducted 1999