Missing Warriors Class '87
The Missing Warrior Lists are fluid. They will change daily based on classmates being lost or found.

If you find your name in your class list, send us an email note with your Name, Class, and Address or use the Info Update Page. Optional info that we would also like to have is: Phone number, Spouse's name and class year if a Maine West grad, Occupation and Employer.

If you know someone on the list, please pass the word to that person to get in touch with us. They can send us an email note, call the school, or write a letter. Address letters to Maine West Alumni Association and mail to Maine West.

If you know a person on the list has deceased, please send us the Name of the Deceased, Date of Death (month and year at least), Your name and relation to the deceased (parent, sibling, friend, etc). We don't want to list someone as deceased without actual knowledge.

Even though you may not find your name in these lists, please consider sending us your info, as listed above, especially if you meet any of the following:
• Recently Moved
• Recently Married
• Didn’t receive any info on last reunion
• Parents have moved and you received info through them
• Have an unlisted number

The alumni database is not sold to anyone. It is used by the Alumni Association and Maine West.
Amjad Abbasi
Gregorio Benavidez
Justin Brown
Maria Cortez
Ronald Givens
Cheryl Hicks
Michelle Hutchinson
Janice Johanson
Ron Kelly
Silvia Medina
Robert Nedza
Robert Olson
Nilay Patel
Eric Peterson
Janeen Reid
Angelina Reyes
Cesar Rodriquez
Gina Rosenstein
Grace Sassanelli
Michael Scott
Tami Shaikh
Laura Staggs
Annette Vaughn
Nancy Voigt
Steven Williams
Michael Winterton